At Rogers Metal Management our team has collaborated to progress to the next stage of the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS), moving to the advanced membership. During this process multiple areas of our business were audited, ensuring we are following the best practices and complying with industry standards across the board. One key area that we focused on was our health and safety compliance. We began by updating our general workplace safety policies, making sure they are suitable for current regulations. Additionally, we have also focused on our health and safety training processes, overhauling key procedures such as toolbox talks. These one-to-one chats are a useful way of guiding members of the team about important and relevant topics at work, such as the risks of fires from lithium ion-batteries. Through being members of CHAS, we have had to demonstrate our insurance capability to ensure we are covered in the event of any incidents, providing confidence for those who choose to work with us. This certifies our commitment to maintaining essential industry regulations. Finally, the audit process had an environmental assessment, looking into our sustainability practices such as our environmental management policy. Having these policies in place signifies our willingness to exceed the standard expectations of our industry, enabling us to support our clients and provide our services to a consistently high level.