focus on safety

Due to the fast-paced nature of our environment, when all systems are go with a steady flow of customers in and out of their vehicles as well as our operators and forklifts flowing around, there are various risks in different forms on our premises.

Therefore, adhering to correct health and safety protocols is crucial to the day-to-day wellbeing of our staff and customers operating within our yard.

We have a fleet of five forklift trucks in constant use and on a typical day all of them will be used extensively, transporting storage containers and material around our site in and around visitors unloading and moving around.

To minimise the chances of collision, we have set a two-metre rule in place. The idea of this is to minimise the risk of contact during the busy choreography of the vehicles in action.

Another condition for staff to operate on site is the PPE apparel that must be worn. Regardless of circumstances, steel toe cap boots and Hi-Vis tabards/jackets must always be worn by employees when in the yard.

Not only does this make our staff easier to identify, it also ensures that their feet are protected from anything sharp or heavy. Furthermore, all our staff are also provided with various types of gloves, which are issued for protection against cuts and any hazardous materials.

We support and update all staff on a regular basis for various aspects of the workplace, particularly correct health and safety procedures by holding toolbox talks.

These are group discussions usually led by a member of staff to speak about particular areas of concern such as what to do in the event of a fire or how to correctly handle an oil spillage.

These chats are invaluable as an informal yet important guide for our staff, educating and reminding them about key health and safety topics they need to consider. The combination of these measures, paired with the focus on health and safety awareness in all our activities allows us to maintain and continually build upon the importance of staff and customer wellbeing, across all our operations.